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Construction companies in Accra

Accra is the largest financial hub of Ghana, this city is literally littered with businesses from coast to coast. Known for its rising prime real estate, Accra has a good number of construction companies promising to offer you the best of their services. So choosing the best from the large list of construction companies in Accra can be quite a mind field because every company out there preaches to offer you the best of their services.

 Look no further for you have found the right company for you, Kesse Builds limited is a professional consultant, multi-disciplined to deliver your advice and services on your Civil Works (Roads & Building projects) across several sectors of the construction industry in Ghana. Kesse Builds is one of the best construction companies in Ghana.

What role does Kesse Builds limited play in construction projects?

Based on your locale the job of the construction consultancy firm you hire will slightly differ, but such firms all have similar roles they play in ensuring that the structure put up is the best. Typically, some construction companies in Accra offer you consultant roles including project managers, architects, service engineers, as well as cost consultants. 

The role of  Kesse Builds limited as your choice consultant in construction projects is to assist you as a client from the start to finish of your construction from choosing the best contractor for the project to the purchase of materials. Some of our major roles are:

  • Investigation of Problem and project 

Here at  Kesse Builds limited, we believe that unlike most construction companies in Accra, a construction company should study the problem over the field on the construction site, and not over the phone based on assumptions. This means that we will pay a visit to the site and inspect the equipment and structure which might involve some amount of engineering calculations.

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  • Building materials

There are a good number of construction companies in Accra that claim they are ready to provide you with the topmost quality of building materials for your construction and remodelling. Truth be told, most of these companies will provide you with soft goods which are not durable with the claim that it is the best on the market. At Kesse Builds limited we understand that the type of building material you use will determine the outcome of your building project; thus we are ever ready to provide you with the best building materials without forgoing quality or going above your proposed price range.

  • Consultation

This is one basic thing that cuts across all construction companies in Accra. The actual consultation is when clients come in to get an opinion regarding a technical engineering problem from our expert civil engineering consultants. The procedure of the consultation will depend on the project at hand which will, in turn, determine the duration of the consultation.

  • Feasibility reports

A feasibility report is a paper that examines a proposed solution and evaluates whether it is possible, given certain constraints. It plays a very interesting and important role for both the client and the contractor. For the client, the report will help them determine how well-equipped the company’s key contractors,  engineers, surveyors and Quantity Surveyors are and for the company it allows them to assess how complex the project will be. We at Kesse Builds limited know this that is why we ensure that we will help you undertake a feasibility study at the very early stage of your project and throughout the project 

  • Engineering design

Engineering design is the use of scientific principles, technical information and imagination in the definition of a mechanical structure, machine or system to perform pre-specified functions with maximum economy and efficiency.

This aspect uses the dimensions and physical characteristics of the structure to be constructed using scientific principles, technical information and imagination to make your dream a  reality. The blueprint plans are carefully studied by our consultants to direct the contractor regarding the work expected. The design process is also helpful in preparing the list of the materials to be procured often known as a bill of quantities to initiate the construction process.

  • Construction Supervision

Unlike some construction companies in Accra, we stand by the basic knowledge that a consultant should be responsible for the whole project or at least a consultant should actively be involved in the project they have power over. That is why we have real-time supervision on-site to help ensure that there is the authenticity of drawing and data provided to Interpret the blueprint and specification as given by the client.

  • Legal services

We ensure that we are in the construction regulations of the district the project is to be set in and we offer you advice on engineering related matters. 

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 Building regulations in Accra 

What are building regulations and what do they cover? Well, Building Regulations are basically standards set by a city or a district for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety and health of people, including those with disabilities in or about those buildings and to help conserve fuel and power. In Accra the Development and Building permit is the main instrument for controlling or managing physical development; they are issued by management to promote orderliness, the convenience of movement, public safety and enhanced economic development.

Development Permitting also deals with the correct use of the land, the appearance of the proposed building and the effect that the development will have on the general environment and neighbouring properties.

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A building permit one receives from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly is basically like a go-ahead to carry out your development project in accordance with conditions specified in the permit. When following such permits one is expected to give due consideration to matters relating to zoning, planning standards and structural conditions of the proposed development. 

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What makes a good construction company?

This is one of the basic questions a lot of people ask when they consider hiring a formal construction company. So that is why we have decided to let you in on some of the characteristics to look out for and why we at Kesse Builds limited have these characteristics; this makes us a good match for you.

  •  Extensive knowledge of construction

Ask yourself if your hired construction company does not have a firm grasp of the basics of construction then how will they help you achieve your dream? This is a question most people forget to ask; they forget that a good number of things can go wrong in construction. That is why we liaise with highly skilled and technical personnel and building contractors in Ghana to execute your project to near perfection

  •  Knowledge of Accra Building regulations 

Accra has building and remodelling rules and guidelines, and the town or community where your project takes place will have additional and/or different ones depending on the environmental conditions, (coastal areas, and natural wetlands), the manner in which a building is constructed, eg its structural stability, fire resistance, weather resistance, etc. and the municipalities regulations. Working with a company that isn’t up to date on the latest regulations can get you into trouble with the authorities.

  •  A good communication style

Know that formal construction companies are known to cost money and construction companies in Accra are no different, so make sure that the company you end up with has good communication skills, both internally and externally (with you as a client). Kesse Builds limited understands exactly what you want and can execute it so you get the most value for your investment.

 Kesse Builds limited is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to building construction in Ghana-Accra. Unlike many construction companies in Accra we take to heart making your dream a reality, we work with those in speciality trades such as  Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, electricians and plumbers, who can give you the valuable worth for your money.


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