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construction companies in ghana

Ghana as a developing nation always seems to have a million and one construction jobs in play all year round; this hectic job of erecting structurally sound buildings, bridges, roads construction companies in Ghana ensure that the construction industry significantly contributes to the economic growth and social development of the country. 

We at Kesse Builds limited, understand and know that the construction industry in Ghana can be very pricey so with our vast management knowledge on all things construction we can help you or your company effectively manage and control the overall work done on-site to ensure that work is done efficiently and effectively.  strive to be the best construction consultancy company in Ghana so we are here to educate you on what you should know about construction companies in Ghana so let’s get to it. 

Did you know that there are two main sectors of construction companies in Ghana?

If you did not know this then don’t worry because you will not be the first nor will you be the last to not know this fact; so don’t fuss because Kesse Builds limited is here to give you a basic understanding of these sectors. The two main sectors are the organized formal and unorganized informal sectors. 

It may not seem like it but the unorganized informal sector basically carries the construction industry in Ghana on its back majorly because Ghana as a nation is deemed a developing nation. This sector operates on a small scale basis, with low levels of organisation and little and no division between labour. 

We find that most individual Ghanaians usually prefer to bypass the privately-owned formal companies for the informal ones; such clients prefer to buy the building material in small quantities based on the time they can relatively afford the building materials.

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Building and construction in Ghana are massively led by the formal private sector, with the investments and regulatory systems and arrangements from the government driving the general growth of the construction industry in Ghana. There are a good number of construction companies in Ghana, some in the formal sector, others in the informal sector subsidizing high-cost housing projects for low-cost urban housing projects. 

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Types  of Construction companies in Ghana

In Ghana contractors are classified based on the company’s human resources, financial resources and the overall technological capacity of the country; this classification affects companies under the housing and roads and civil work subsectors. 

The types of construction projects include residential, non-residential and engineering. 

Companies, specifically those under the housing and roads subsector can also be grouped under four classifications based on the value of the project to be implemented. 

These four classes are: 

  • Contractors who have the resources to implement projects with a maximum value of $200,000
  • Contractors that can execute projects up to a value of $500,000
  • Contractors with the capacity to accomplish projects that are above $500,000 in value
  • Contractors with the means to carry out projects with a maximum value of $75,000.

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Construction sectors in Ghana 

The construction sector is an amalgamation of different sub-sectors which can be private or public operating in the formal or informal realms; can be divided into namely industrial, building and infrastructural

  • Infrastructural Construction 

The infrastructure sector is composed of the construction of both private and public structures. it is also referred to as heavy civil or heavy engineering, thus this sector has civil engineers designing, building and maintaining systems and services required for operation. It includes the construction of large public works, sewers, power lines, telecommunications, railways, dams, water supply systems, roads and highways.

Kesse Builds Limited constructs, manages and supervises road projects for contractors in Ghana; we liaise and coordinate incomparably with the Personnel from the three main departments (DFR, DUR, and GHA) of the Ministry of Roads And Highways to deliver road projects per the instructions and standard of the works given by these noble departments. 

Some road construction companies in Ghana include: Simpricity, Ceco Engineering Ltd, Timelion Engineering, Core Construction, Ackah Infrastructures company limited

  • Building Construction

This is usually a traditional term laypeople use to refer to all various sectors, though it mainly deals with the erection of structures to areas of land, primarily those used to provide shelter. This sector has elements of renovations, designing and redesigning, financial, estimating, and legal considerations. It is divided into residential and no-residential forms of building. 

Kesse Builds Limited offers services under construction projects like architectural, structural and residential development. With our team of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors we can make the dream of your ideal home a reality. Through real-time collaboration with the technical personnel and building contractors and the clients so there is an excellent execution of the taste and preferences of our clients.

Here is a list of some construction companies in Ghana offering such services in Accra include, David Walter Limited, Samstel group of companies, Inocon, Facol limited,  JOSHOB Construction Limited; Desimone Construction Ghana

  • Industrial Construction

Industrial construction refers to the construction of a business that deals with manufacturing goods, like mills, chemical processing, offshore construction manufacturing plants, power generation plants, cement plants, refineries, mining, quarrying and solar wind farms and many more. Below are some mining and construction companies in Ghana 

  • Sandvik Mining and Construction Ghana Ltd
  • PW Mining
  • Justmoh Group
  • JOSHOB Construction Limited

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Foreign construction companies in Ghana

It has been a thing of debate, what the benefit of foreign construction companies are to a nation; in Ghana like every country we have some who feel the presence of such foreign construction prevents the local businesses from turning in a good profit, others think that both local/indigenous and foreign construction companies in Ghana have contributed towards the development of modern infrastructure, thus both are of equal importance. 

Where you stand on this debate will depend on your preference and understanding of what you need to be built, we at Kesse Builds Limited understand this fact; that is why we ensure that our highly skilled technical personnel and building contractors execute the best service with no compromise.

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Below are is a list of some foreign construction companies in Ghana;

  • Zakhem International Construction Ltd. 
  • MODEC Ghana Limited
  • Harlequin International Ghana
  • Inocon Group limited 
  • JOSHOB Construction Limited

What is the essence of construction? Is it just moving and assembling materials and equipment into completed forms for function or is it based on the modern architectural style of building that maintains function and a streamlined form over ornamentation? Well, this is how the infamous David Allan Coe described construction as: “not the beauty of a building you should look at; it is the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” 

At Kesse Builds Limited we strive to offer you services that are catered to your personal need in all things architectural, structural and residential construction that can stand the test of time.

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